Do you struggle with wasting time? Procrastination?

It's All About TIME

leaving late in the past

"Finally! How To Stop Putting Things Off, Get Rid Of Time-Sucking Distractions And Get More Stuff Done..."

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Practical Tips to Leave Late In the Past

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In This FREE eBook You'll Learn:

Why we procrastinate and what the root causes are. In order to beat procrastination, you need to first understand the problem.

How to effectively set goals that we can work towards. Once you have the knowledge to set goals, it's just a matter of following the "blueprint"

Why it's crucial to break down your plan into manageable portions. You had probably failed at achieving your goals because they seem so far-fetched, unrealistic and overwhelming.

​​How to set milestones. Milestones give you small targets to identify and a basic a roadmap that you can follow.

What you can do to eliminate distractions and work more productively.

Identifying the causes of your procrastination and eliminating them

Learn to visualize your success

Create your own motivation and never procrastinate again

...and much, much more!

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It's simply frustrating!

You know what you need to do, but somehow just can't make the move and get that thing done.

Welcome to the world of procrastination!

Procrastination is one of the most common issues that people face and yet there is little talk about it and nothing is done to combat it.

Most people are comfortable being mediocre. But if you want to reach your goals you need to be better than that.

You can't waste time. You can't delay your work. All you're doing is delaying your own success! You can break the cycle of procrastination.

Your First Step To Beating Procrastination

One of the first steps to overcoming any problem is accepting that the issue exists. By reading this far you've already made that step, congratulations!

This guide I'm about to introduce you to was created to help you move beyond acceptance and to take you through the steps you need to take in order to crush this habit.

How To Leave Late in the past

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Your goals can seem a million miles away when you first start and the road ahead can seem a long and scary one.

The habit of procrastination will only exaggerate the problem!

In order to overcome procrastination and not only meet, but exceed your goals you must learn how to control your fear and work effectively without wasting time.

....which is why I put together a guide to share my tips to help you conquer procrastination and accomplish what you've always dreamed of.

Introducing... It's All About Time: Leaving Late In the Past


There's a long way and a short way. The long way?

Trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles. All that time wasted could have been put into something more worthwhile. The short way is to start with these 3 areas of focus

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Milestone Plans

Creating a deadline gives life to your day and gives purpose to your time.

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Eliminate Distractions

You can say No and speak a complete sentence. It allows you to prioritize.

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Feel The Fear

Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAY! You do not have to give fear control


My guarantee to you is that these habits, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 10 years that have enabled me to contribute to my community, my family, and to the world on a much larger scale than if I was struggling to get my time back


Free shipping anywhere in the United States


Anthony Rawlings

Anthony is a man who wears many hats. He understands the constant struggle of trying to fit many activities into what seems like a short week. He has had the frustration of feeling as if there just was not enough time in a day to complete his to-do list and as a result, he felt unaccomplished, worn out, and wondered what he would have removed from responsibilities. He has paved the way for connecting church and community. He is a proud graduate of Chowan University obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion. In November 2011, the Trustee Board of Chowan University unanimously voted to accept the Presidential recommendation to receive Pastor Anthony Rawlings as the second African American trustee, as well as the youngest trustee in its history. Pastor Rawlings plays an intricate part in surrounding communities as he chairs and sits on boards such as Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater, United Way, The Planning Commission for the City of Franklin, and Franklin/Southampton Wellness Coalition just to name a few.

While all of that may sound rewarding the truth is, that for a while it felt overwhelming, until he discovered the secrets to true-time management, effective use of each minute, and a proven method to balance it all. Now he wants to share these secrets with you.

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